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Jeremy Renner Talks About How Breaking His Arms Filming TAG Impacted AVENGERS 4


Tag is a comedy starring Jeremy Renner about a group of friends who have played one long game of tag their entire lives. While filming that, Renner broke both of his arms 3 days into filming.

Entertainment Weekly got a hold of Renner, who was able to describe what it was like and how it affected his time on the set of Avengers 4 which he went to immediately after filming Tag.

I couldn’t rotate my hands but I could move my arms up and down kind of like a robot, but I would do anything that didn’t hurt essentially,” he said.

“The first week was a little rough just because of the swelling, but the swelling went down after the first week. I would take the splints off as often as I could so I didn’t stay in this sort of like arm bent position, stiffened, so I was working through therapy and all sorts of stuff throughout the whole picture but I just limited what I could do with my hand.”

The only scene that required CGI on his arms was the one that he broke them while filming. So don’t try to look for it throughout the whole movie.

“I went back to shoot that day, I didn’t take anything out of the cast and they had to put like a clean sleeve over my arm, because I didn’t want to take it off right after I just broke it, I needed it to set, I wanted the bone to set, so I think they had to CGI my arm or something in just that one scene, but the rest of it, you know, it all went on okay,” he said.

After the movie was complete, he went right to the set of Avengers 4 where he had to use a bow and arrow as Hawkeye once more.

“It’s sort of like a battle of my will to heal as fast as I possibly could, I did therapy just painfully everyday and I was able to get through it all as best as I could,” Renner said. “What else do you do, you just stop and cry and everyone go home? You know what I mean? I’d be like, ‘sorry guys, I’m not going to use a bow and arrow now in Avengers,’ it’s silly, so I have to kind of push through so that you can perform for everyone,” he added.

Renner said he is almost completely healed now.

“I’m healed, I’m not at full strength, I haven’t been doing any training or anything, but I think I’ll probably get back and start actually doing something really physical,” he said. “When I couldn’t pick up my daughter, that was a very upsetting time, but once I was able to do that, then I was healed in my mind.”

It is good to see that he will make a full recovery and that it didn’t compromise the filming of either movie. It sounds like it will hardly be noticeable.

Tag looks like a legitimately fun movie, and the next Avengers movie will be huge. You will be able to see Tag next week, June 15th, and Avengers 4 will be out next summer.



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