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Keiynan Lonsdale Will Not Return To The Arrowverse As A Series Regular Next Year



Keiynan Lonsdale took to Twitter to address his exit, and it seems like it was his choice to leave. The tweet is below.

***The original article is as follows:

Keiynan Lonsdale’s journey in the Arrowverse has been a strange one. He joined The Flash as Wally West, and after he became a speedster in his own right, he was ultimately squandered. So after that he was shifted to Legends of Tomorrow, where he was a much better fit.

But now Deadline is reporting that he will not be a series regular in Legends of Tomorrow either. It is not because he is shifting to Arrow or Supergirl either, Lonsdale is leaving all together.

As Deadline points out, that doesn’t mean he will be gone forever. He is slated to appear in the season 5 premiere of The Flash where I assume they will write out his exit. After that, Lonsdale could always return as a guest star in any of the shows, if all parties agree. The CW confirmed to CinemaBlend that he will not be killed off, so fans of Wally West can rest easy knowing that the door is always open for his return.

No reason was given about why this decision was made. There could be a few reasons though. It could have been Lonsdale’s choice – to give him time to focus on his burgeoning music career. The other could be story purposes. Both The Flash and Legends have their arcs for the next season figured out. If Wally doesn’t fit into either of them, its better that he makes an exit than to let him sit there and be useless.

Either way, I hope that the relationship between Lonsdale and the Arrowverse executives is not hurt by this. Lonsdale has been shuffled around a lot, with little story impact. Wally West is a very important character in the DC Universe, and the way he has been handled in the Arrowverse is unfortunate. So if he just pops in every now and then, I hope he is used to the best of his ability. A full-fledged speedster on Legends makes the team a bit too powerful, and the job a little too easy for them. He really can’t be on The Flash or it diminishes Barry’s role as well. He served his purpose, and now he is collateral damage of this huge universe.

What do you think of this news? Are you sad to see Lonsdale leave? What would you want to see him do in the future?

Source: Deadline


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