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THEORY: Is The Intergang Preparing To Invade SUPERGIRL?


The CW’s hit series Supergirl is nearing the end of its third season, and with it potentially comes an intriguing debut from DC Comics. Comicbook.com speculates that the upcoming episode “Not Kansas” may be setting the stage for a future appearance from the Intergang either in one of the remaining episodes of Season 3 or set the stage for a fully-formed Intergang to debut later on in Season 4.

For those unaware, the Intergang are an organized crime group that regularly appear in Superman comics and other DC titles as well. What makes this team so formidable as villains is the fact that they are armed with advanced technology and weapons provided by the New Gods of the planet Apokolips. While the motives and lineup of the Intergang has changed routinely over the years, as is typically the case with any group of characters in the comic world, the Intergang are a band of villains with the capability of defeating heroes such as Superman.

While the Intergang have yet to ever play a role in Supergirl, aside from a brief mention that they have connections to Metallo, a lineup of the group was recently mentioned in one of The CW’s other DC Comics shows Arrow. Not to mention the fact that a previous episode of Supergirl in Season 2 (“Crossfire”) also featured a group armed with interstellar technology, although they were never officially identified as being the Intergang and were ultimately just patsies for Lillian Luthor.

Remember though that this isn’t a rumor or any sort of official news from Comicbook.com- it’s merely speculation and could very well turn out to be wrong, as the site itself concedes. But we think it’s an interesting possibility; One worth sharing, since we know many of you love following all the INs and OUTs of The CW’s Arrowverse.

However, if their guess does prove to be correct, what would you all think? Do you want to see the Intergang appear in Supergirl? Considering they were teased on both Arrow and Supergirl, is it possible they’ll be at the heart of this year’s big crossover event featuring Batwoman? Perhaps instead you’d rather the Intergang be saved and used instead for a future DCU film of some sort (since Ava DuVernay is working on a New Gods movie, after all)? Whatever your thoughts on the matter are, please be sure to share them with us in the comment section below!

SOURCE: Comicbook.com


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