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DCU: More Evidence That Ray Fisher Will Not Be Getting A Solo CYBORG Movie, And May Actually Be Done


Fans of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg should brace themselves, because this won’t be a rosy report. See, despite the fact that he was teased in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, then given a meatier role in Justice League (which was meant to be way meatier before the film underwent a major overhaul), it looks like DC Entertainment has abandoned plans to give the character a solo film.

The first indication of this is that there’s been zero movement or news on a Cyborg movie, despite it originally being announced for a 2020 release. The second indication is that a ton of his screen time in Justice League was either cut or altered; Including things which would’ve set up his solo movie. And the final big clue has come in the way of what’s going on with DC’s TV plans.

Over the weekend, actor Manu Bennett revealed at Phoenix Comic Fest that we would not be seeing his Deathstroke anymore on The CW’s Arrow. The reason he cited was that DC Entertainment has forbidden it because of the studio’s plans for a Deathstroke movie starring Joe Manganiello. It would appear that, despite there being two live-action versions of The Flash (Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller), the studio wants to limit double-dipping with its characters. We already know they’ve given Gotham permission to show Bruce Wayne’s final evolution into Batman during its limited-run final season, but that’s all been approved under the guise of it being a special- and brief– appearance by the Dark Knight on the small screen.

This brings us to the DC Universe streaming service, where there’s been a ton of movement around bringing Cyborg into the fray.

First there was the official synopsis for Doom Patrol, which revealed that Cyborg would factor into the series. Then there was our exclusive report on the Character Breakdown making the rounds for prospective actors to look at as they prepare to audition for the role. That breakdown revealed plans to possibly have Cyborg become a series regular.

At the time, it was unclear if this meant that DC wanted to go the Flash route by having two different versions of the character appearing in live-action projects, or if Fisher’s version of the character was getting shut down. With Bennett saying what he said this past weekend, that would heavily indicate that the studio views their characters as being either on television or in movies. Not both.

I’d be more inclined to assume this was more of a Flash situation if we had any news on a Cyborg movie in the last two years. But, really, there’s been nothing. And when you consider the way the studio scooped out most of his more interesting material from Justice League, it just stands to reason that they’ve heavily cooled on the character.

The last time we heard anything about the character popping up in a movie beyond Justice League was when Rick Famuyiwa posted a social media tease that Cyborg may factor into his The Flash movie. But then Famuyiwa left the project, and nothing’s ever been said about Cyborg again.

Is it possible we see Fisher’s take on the character appear in a cameo capacity, or as a supporting player in an eventual major cinematic team-up event in the cinematic DCU? Sure. But it’s not looking great right now.

Personally, I think this might be a better fit for the character. As much as I enjoyed what little I saw of Fisher’s Victor Stone, and despite the fact that the character has been a part of the rotating JLA roster since the 80s, I think the character works best with the Teen Titans. So having him on the small screen, interacting with the Titans and Doom Patrol shows sounds about right.

And just in case you’re holding out hope that the DCU shows will ask Fisher to play the role on their series’, Omega Underground has an exclusive report that includes leaked audition tapes by other actors- proving that they’re looking to cast someone else.

What do you make of this?


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