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Snyder Is Producing WONDER WOMAN 2, A DC Film Co-Written By Geoff Johns


Over the course of the last week or so, things have gotten particularly nasty within the DC fandom. To be clear, it’s a beautifully diverse fandom that consists of all kinds of people, including:

  • Fans of DC Comics
  • Fans of DC Movies
  • Fans of Zack Snyder’s DC Movies
  • Zack Snyder fans
  • Fans of other kinds of DC media
  • Fans who have followed DC for several decades
  • Fans who only recently discovered DC’s wonderful characters

At the heart of the recent conflict, you’ve got folks who are ardent Zack Snyder fans voicing a total, unadulterated hatred for DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. Why? Because they feel he was instrumental in ripping Justice League away from Snyder, and the recent brouhaha actually stems from some quotes attributed to Johns from an interview last year.

I’m not going to drag you into the weeds of this “He said/They said” drama, since most of it comes down to passionate fans attempting to read a whole lot into comments made by Johns- all at a time when Snyder himself has yet to really address any of the Justice League drama and subsequent fallout in a direct way.

For now, when it comes to figuring out where Snyder lands on all of this, all we can really go on are his actions, since he’s chosen to be so selective with his words.

That’s where things have just gotten kind of interesting.

Over on Vero, Snyder’s preffered form of social media, the director has just revealed that he’s still involved with the cinematic DC Universe. When asked by a fan if he was still acting as a producer for Wonder Woman 2, Snyder responded with an emphatic, “Oh yes.”

This is notable for a couple of huge reasons:

  1. It means Snyder is still linked in some way to the cinematic DC Universe- which he deserves to be after setting the table for all that’s to come
  2. It means he’s still got a decent relationship with Johns, who’s helped to write Wonder Woman 2 alongside director Patty Jenkins

Is it possible I’m reading too much into this news that he’s producing Wonder Woman 2? Certainly. This could very well just be a formality that was written into his contract- That he’d be listed as a producer on all of the films he helped develop and their subsequent sequels. Or, it could mean that his relationship with Johns and the current DC Entertainment brass isn’t as frayed as one would think.

I know that the latter option seems far-fetched, but it’s important to note that Snyder was a team player through all of this Justice League chaos. He did his best to work with the studio, then when they wanted more changes than he was comfortable implementing and was more or less shown the door, he stepped aside, toed the company line in a key THR statement about his departure, and then allowed them to release the film with his name on it last November without causing a huge public scene.

There’s plenty to chew on and consider here.

Regardless, next year we’re going to get a Wonder Woman 2 that credits Zack Snyder as a producer, Geoff Johns as a writer, and Patty Jenkins as its director. That’s pretty special, I’d say.


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