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X-FORCE Director Goddard Reveals Details About the Upcoming Film


The “Super Duper F*cking Group” as Deadpool kindly refers to them, known as the X-Force, is getting their own movie. Drew Goddard recently sat down to talk with Entertainment Weekly, to talk about what to expect.

In Deadpool 2 (spoilers incoming), the X-Force team that Wade forms dies quite brutally – and quite quickly. While the end credits hint at fixing that, Drew Goddard who was actually a script consultant on the film, didn’t tell them what to do one way or another. He is going to write around the decisions made in Deadpool 2.

“To be honest, I think that’s why it excited me so much,” says Goddard, recounting how he too was blindsided by that mid-film bloodbath. “I remember reading that scene and just cackling with delight, specifically because it was the very last thing you’d expect to happen in one of these movies. These movies are so careful to set up the next thing and the next thing, and it made me so happy.”

Goddard wanted Deadpool 2 to rest on its own merits, and not have to suffer to focus on the future.

“One thing I said to Ryan was, ‘Don’t worry about it, we’ll come up with new ideas; you guys go make your movie, and do your thing. We’ll figure it out,’” he says. “That tends to be the way I like to work. It’s much more important to focus on making the movie that you’re making than focusing on the next thing. It’s much more important to just make one good movie and take your time, then let that dictate what the movies are after.”

While the end of Deadpool 2 leaves the door open for what the group could be, Goddard says the core three – Deadpool, Cable, and Domino will be there.

“It really all stems from a place of love; I love those comics, I love Ryan, I love Josh, and I love Zazie Beetz,” says Goddard. “When I think of the comics, I think of Cable and Domino and Deadpool, and it’s really just knowing, ‘Oh, right, there’s a world in the X-Universe for the blunt instruments of mutantdom.’ It’s much more about the characters and my love for them than it is about any plot or story line. It’s more about loving them and wanting to see them bounce off each other.”

Making movies in a franchise is different than a standalone. You have to be conscious of the other chapters. For instance, when J.J. Abrams made The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson asked Abrams to make a change in Episode VII, so he could have a certain moment in Episode VIII. Abrams obliged. (It was originally BB-8 that went with Chewie and Rey to Ahch-To and Johnson requested of Abrams that R2 go instead).

Any MCU film you see always has seeds planted and Easter eggs hidden for future Marvel movies. It is just the rules of the game.

So for Goddard to just write around anything that happens in Deadpool 2 is actually kind of rare. But if it can work in any franchise, it is the X-Men franchise, where continuity doesn’t matter at all.

Are you excited for Goddard’s X-Force movie?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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