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Tom Hanks Wanted To Play A Stormtrooper in SOLO


Solo: A Star Wars Story is the latest entry in the Star Wars franchise, and while it has a huge in universe cameo, there wasn’t any news of celebrity cameos in the film (Clint Howard aside), which was a first for the Disney entries.

The Force Awakens had a cameo from Daniel Craig as a stormtrooper – the one that Rey used the mind trick on to escape from Starkiller base. J.J. Abrams even made Kevin Smith the voice of a stormtrooper! Rogue One had both Rian Johnson and Gareth Edwards in it. The Last Jedi apparently had Tom Hardy and Princes Harry and William as Stormtroopers, but their scene didn’t make it into the final cut of the film.

When Ron Howard took over the directing duties for Solo, his friend and frequent collaborator Tom Hanks wanted to be a stormtrooper, but scheduling just didn’t work out.

Joe.IE had the interview where Howard reveals the tidbit about Hanks. You can watch it below (The Tom Hanks stuff begins around the 2:15 Mark):

Hanks would have made a fun stormtrooper, which would definitely have fit in with the tone of the film. As Howard mentioned in the interview – now that Lucasfilm knows that he is interested, maybe it can happen in a future movie.

Tom Hanks is one of the greatest actors living today. If I was Lucasfilm I would see if he was interested in more than just a quick stormtrooper cameo. To have a talent like that in one of your movies is an automatic win.

It makes you wonder who Howard would have put in the film if he was on it from the beginning. Clint was a given, but Hanks would have happened and who else? Henry Winkler? Someone from Arrested Development? It is fun to think about. There are certainly a plethora of places in the story they could have been placed.

Are you sad we missed an opportunity to have a fun cameo from Tom Hanks in Solo? Who else do you think Howard would have put in the movie if things went differently?

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