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The First Look at AQUAMAN’s New Armored Costume Is HERE!


Hot off of the Shazam costume reveal, and the discussion of Wonder Woman’s new costume, Aquaman is joining in on the fun. Reddit user u/vizgauss posted a picture of a promo banner from the Warner Bros licensing expo that showed off Arthur’s new duds. You can see it below:

PHOTO: Aquaman revealed from DC_Cinematic

There isn’t much detail, as it is mostly a head shot but it does seem to have Aquaman’s signature orange and green colors, which will be a welcome sight for many fans. There is no telling how many costumes he will have in the film, or if this one will be his main one, but it is cool to see it on him nonetheless. Hopefully we will get a trailer soon, and we can see it properly.

This banner is pretty cool because it screams the varying tones that DC is now shooting for. Both Aquaman and Shazam have very different writers and directors, the perception that this is portraying is that they can play to the strengths of their talent. Levi and Sandberg can make a good old fashioned feel good hero flick, while Momoa and Wan can make an action adventure with high stakes, like Indiana Jones.

This also begs the question if these two characters will meet on screen. It would be fun to see the two personalities clash on screen – like we got to see Thor meeting Star Lord do.

This is the most we’ve seen of promotional material for Wan’s Aquaman. The movie comes out in 6 months, so hopefully this is the cork that unleashes posters, trailers, and merchandise.

What do you think of the tiny peek of the costume? Up to your standards?

Source: Reddit via ComicBook.com


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