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SOLO Star Alden Ehrenreich Weighs In On The ‘Han Shot First’ Debate


There is a lot of debate and conversation surrounding many aspects of the Star Wars franchise. One of things the that is almost universally agreed upon is that Han Solo shot Greedo first in A New Hope. And he did…until George Lucas changed the scene to make it more ambiguous in subsequent releases. That is where the real debate should lie – do creators have the right to change their art post-release? Or once it is “given” to the people, it now belongs to them?

But, the “Han Shot First” movement will never die.

Alden Ehrenreich has the monumental task of filling the shoes of Harrison Ford to play Han Solo in the character’s first standalone film, Solo: A Star Wars Story out this Friday. While promoting the film. Ehrenreich was on Entertainment Weekly’s radio show on SiriusXM, and when asked who shot first Ehrenreich said simply: “Han”. You can watch his response below, where he elaborates:

“I think it’s just fun, it’s part of the fun swagger, cowboy of the whole character and everything. I think the one thing that is true about him and you get to enjoy in this movie is it’s kind of the dark underworld, gangster underbelly of the Star Wars universe, and you’ve gotta be quick and cunning if you’re gonna make it there.”

The problem lies in this pesky thing called “canon”. Pablo Hidalgo is one of the people from the Lucasfilm Story Group in charge of keeping all of that straight, and his answer might upset some people:

“All that’s canon is that two people entered that booth, & Greedo died.”

Disney consider the altered editions that were released for blu-ray in 2011 the definitive canon versions of the film. That means Darth Vader yelled “No” in Return of the Jedi, Anakin’s force ghost looks like Hayden Christensen, and Han Solo shot Greedo around the same time Greedo tried to shoot him. It also means Boba Fett was in A New Hope when Han went to talk to Jabba.

So while it may never be “official” that Han shot first now, the people who believe it have an excellent person backing them up.

You can see whether it is truly in character for him, when Solo: A Star Wars Story drops in theaters everywhere Friday, May 25th.



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