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SHAZAM Director Talks Inspiration For The Costume After Last Night’s Big Reveal


There have been some mixed reactions to seeing Zachary Levi in the Shazam suit, after some unofficial set pictures of it leaked on the internet. But now there is an official look at the character, and director David F. Sandberg has something to say about its design.


There is the star of the film, Zachary Levi standing next to an enormous picture of himself in the suit. Some people were instantly against it, but Sandberg wanted an old-school feel to the film, similar to what you saw in the Golden Age comics. When asked why he didn’t use more of a New 52 style version of the costume, Sandberg responded on Twitter:

He’s right about the costume making the character “stand out” from the rest. There have been a lot of “practical” suits with muted colors. This looks like a comic book actually came to life. There were changes made for the sake of practicality though, like the shorter lightning bolt.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard actors who wear these costumes have is that it is either uncomfortable, or there is no easy way to be able to use the bathroom while wearing it. With the high volume of superhero movies being produced now, things have gotten much better. Something like a smaller lightning bolt, won’t affect the character or the plot. Bending and moving could affect the movie quite a bit.

It is hard to tell what tone Sandberg is going for, but “bright”, “optimistic,” and “fun” all seem like safe choices. Hopefully we will get a teaser trailer attached to Aquaman that lets us gauge that further.

How do you feel about the look of the suit? Does Sandberg’s reasons behind it change your opinion at all?


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