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Fatman V Batman: Lack of Talking – Kevin Smith On Why Ben Affleck Hasn’t Spoken To Him In Years


It isn’t because Kevin Smith’s mother is named Martha. (It’s not. Her name is Grace). There are actually a few different things contributing to it.

Did you know Kevin Smith had a massive heart attack? Every second of every minute of everyday it is mentioned by Smith himself. If you have seen anything from the comedian at all in the last month, you will know about it.

But Smith has made the most of it. He has dropped a ton of weight, went vegan and even became a Weight Watchers ambassador. (Did you think there was ever going to be a scenario where you would see D.J. Khaled, Oprah Winfrey and Kevin Smith in the same group?!)

One of the great things to come out of that though, as he says in a great interview with The Daily Beast, is that he gets to reconnect with people he hasn’t heard from in a while. In true Kevin Smith fashion, he summed it up quite nicely:

“I heard from motherf*ckers I hadn’t heard from in years.”

Then, in even truer Kevin Smith fashion, he elaborates:

“You know what was really nice? I hadn’t spoken to Linda Fiorentino, who was in Dogma, for years. Not because we had some sort of nasty falling out, we just hadn’t spoken. I remember on a commentary track on the DVD—Janeane Garofalo was in the movie and at one point I said it would have better if she played the lead, which was a really sh*tty and stupid thing to say. Thoughtless, considering that Linda was the lead and Linda did a great job. So it had been years since I had spoken with Linda and I got an email from her. And of course I was thankful to hear from her and it also gave me a chance to say I’m so sorry that I ever said that thing years ago. It gives you a chance to make amends. So that was my favorite one. I heard from so many people, but that one really stood out for me because, if somebody had said, “Oh, the movie would have been better if Ben Affleck directed it,” that would have hurt my feelings. I know it hurt her feelings and really unnecessarily because I always loved her performance in the movie.”

When Affleck was brought up, naturally the conversation was brought there. They worked together many times in their career, but Smith says he didn’t hear from Affleck after the heart attack, and probably won’t.

“I wouldn’t call it not so great terms, but he hasn’t spoken to me in years. No, I didn’t hear from him after the heart attack. Of the Chasing Amy kids, I heard from Jason Lee, but I didn’t hear from Ben. Which is fine. Maybe he didn’t even hear about it. I think he probably plays a more prominent role in my mythology than I play in his mythology anymore.”

Affleck starred in Mallrats, Dogma and Chasing Amy, all written and directed by Smith. Those films are what Smith is remembered for most, but for Affleck, it was just a stepping stone to a mammoth career. Smith continues:

“In his world, I haven’t factored in in god knows how f*cking long. And he’s gone on to do tremendous, big f*cking things. He’s become a massive movie star and a director in his own right. So I don’t think I pop up on his radar nearly as much he pops up on my radar. But I try honestly to—and it probably doesn’t seem that way because I literally make a joke about him in the special—to limit the amount that I do talk about him for that reason. Because I know it always brings him grief or heartache in some way.”

Smith relays a story he told about Affleck having to kiss Jason Lee in Chasing Amy and things got out of hand to where even Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood tweeted shade at Affleck because of it.

I told a story about something Ben said 20 years ago. So if you’re Ben Affleck, the only time you probably see my name is in relation to how I make your life harder in some way. So I imagine, even if he did hear about the heart attack he was probably like, “Well, I’m glad he’s alive, moving on.” I’m too much trouble. I realize, even now as I’m saying this, I try not to talk about him and we just did for five minutes. He probably didn’t hear about the heart attack, but he’ll hear about this. “Why is this f*cking fool still talking about me?”

Smith has also mentioned in the past that Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner doesn’t like him very much, and that contributed to their strained relationship as well.

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Kevin Smith is on a different path than he used to be. It would be great if the two of them could make amends. I agree with Smith, I don’t think that it is that Affleck actively hates on Smith, I just think that Affleck doesn’t even think about him or anything. He is in a different chapter of his life now.

Maybe things will get better one day.  But for now, don’t expect an Affleck cameo in Smith’s upcoming film Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Source: The Daily Beast


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