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Let’s Talk About The DEADPOOL 2 Post-Credit Scene That Got Axed, And What Replaced It


[Warning: This Post Contains A Mild *SPOILER* For Deadpool 2]

With Deadpool 2 arriving in theaters today, moviegoers around the world are going to get to lay their eyes on all kinds of demented ideas that came from the minds of the film’s creative team. Indeed, star Ryan Reynolds (who also has a writing credit on the film) and his returning writers from the first film, Paul Wernick and Rhett Rheese, cooked up a ton of crazy, nasty delights. But there’s one scene that was apparently so outrageous that 21st Century Fox decided to axe it.

Thankfully for you, we at Revenge of The Fans got the lowdown on exactly what that scene was and which post-credit sequence replaced it.

Ready? Like I warned you at the top, proceed at your own caution cause this will get spoilery!



So it’s no secret that time travel is an important element of Deadpool 2‘s plot, with Cable coming to the present from the future in order to kill Julian Dennison’s character (who we correctly reported on two months ago was playing Rusty Collins, aka Firefist). In fact, time travel is the core theme of all five of Deadpool 2‘s post-credit scenes, as we see Wade Wilson travel back to several key moments and alter how they play out.

I won’t spoil the ones that are there, but the one that’s not went a little something like this:

We see Deadpool in a newborn ward in a dated looking hospital. He’s standing next to a crib with a tag on it that reads “A. Hitler.” He peers down at the baby in the crib, and before he can do anything a newborn in a nearby crib starts crying. He turns to that other child and says something along the lines of, “Shut up, Ira. You’ll thank me someday.”

He then reaches down into the Hitler crib, as the camera switches to the perspective of the newborn within it, and proceeds to strangle infant Hitler.

This scene was subsequently cut and replaced by one where Deadpool goes back and prevents any harm from coming to Peter W. (Rob Delaney).

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What do you think of the scene that was cut from Deadpool 2? Would you have liked to have seen it, or was it in poor taste? Are you cool with the one that replaced it? Let us know in the comments below!


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