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DEADPOOL Creator Rob Liefeld Wants His Entire ‘Six Pack’ Group To Appear in Movies


Rob Liefeld has created many characters for Marvel and the X-Men. Two of his most famous ones are Deadpool and Cable – both of which you can see in Deadpool 2 opening this Friday. Both Cable, and another Liefeld invented character – Domino – have been in a group called “Six Pack” and naturally, Liefeld would like to see more of his characters come to life on the big screen. He tells

“Let’s get the entire Six Pack, who Cable used to run with,” Liefeld said. “Let’s get Bridge. Let’s get Hammer. Let’s get Grizzly. Especially if there’s more Cable, we can go in that direction.”

In today’s day and age, that isn’t out of the question. We have a Batman TV show running 5 seasons that doesn’t even have Batman in it. Squirrel Girl is going to make her live action debut soon. My mother knows who characters like Ant-Man and Falcon are. Obscure comic book characters work on screen now. As we continue through the Golden Age of superhero movies, getting a Six Pack film with Brolin leading isn’t so farfetched anymore. Liefeld thinks people will respond well to Zazie Beetz as Domino too, which only helps the cause for a Six Pack movie.

“I loved her casting,” he said. “I thought they nailed it, but seeing her in costume and filming is different than seeing her in the film, and obviously I was only there a couple day, three or four days on set, I didn’t see all of her interaction. She is so charming and so charismatic and she plays so well off Ryan and Josh. I think audiences are going to be like, ‘I want more Domino.’ Ryan is, you know, tops. Josh, you know what you’re getting. Zazie, I told Ryan, ‘This is a star turn for her.’ People are going to flip for her.”

It is always nice when the creator of a property is enthusiastic about an upcoming project involving their own characters. Imagine if George Lucas kept going on about how awesome Alden Ehrenreich is as Han Solo. It would definitely make an impact.

Are you a Six Pack fan? Would you like to see a version of them on screen? Who would you cast?



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