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JUSTICE LEAGUE: Cavill Says There Were ‘Lessons Learned’ From The Film’s Reception And ‘Ridiculous’ Marketing


Justice League was a divisive film – in more ways than one. It certainly has its fans, and its detractors, but it was also a product of two different visions melded together.

Henry Cavill, who was, by no fault of his own, the topic of a lot of discussion from the film, gave an interview to Empire Magazine. There, he sort of boils down what has come from the reaction to Justice League.

“I think all these things have their place and their time. There are many reasons why the audience have responded in the way they responded. It’s all lessons learned.”

That is good news. Hopefully mistakes will not be repeated. One of those mistakes, was keeping the Superman character out of the marketing, when everybody and their mother knew he was going to be in the movie.

“Yeah. Right there, with no moustache, at the very beginning of the movie [Laughs]. Well, that whole concept was faintly ridiculous and I honestly believe everyone viewed it as such. Of course, if I’m on the press tour I’m in the movie. Obviously, you knew, and that was a different little tap dance we danced together. But for the audience, I wanted to leave some mystery. I think it’s important to have some mystery in movies these days.”

Mystery in movies is fine, but an audiences intelligence shouldn’t be insulted to achieve that. Not only did most people know that he was going to be in the movie, but a lot of the audience who reads the internet knew about the mustache situation too. If it was just one of these issues, things would have been fine. But to add all of them up, it was a problem that they couldn’t quite claw their way out of.

But hopefully, as Cavill has suggested, it is upwards and onwards from here. Mistakes fuel perfection, and because of Justice League the future of the DCU could be incredibly bright.

Source: Empire Magazine via CBM


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