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ARROW’s Stephen Amell to Announce Something Huge at The CW Upfronts


We already know that Arrow is getting a seventh season. But what will that look like after the “game-changing” finale on Thursday? We might be finding out soon.

The CW will have their Upfronts Thursday, where they preview their slate of shows for advertisers. While appearing at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville Amell teased that there is big news to come:

“I’m gonna be in New York on Thursday for The CW’s Upfronts.” Amell explained. “And I get to make a really fun announcement. And The CW is just so freaked out that I’m going to spoil it at some point during this panel.”

What could that possibly be? I have a few ideas.

  • Announcing that Arrow’s 7th Season is its Last. – I don’t think this would be it, because Amell wouldn’t exactly find being unemployed in a year “really fun”. But you never know. Hey, maybe Arrow ends, but Amell headlines a Justice League (Justice Society?) show or something afterward.
  • Details On This Year’s Crossover. –  It could be dealing with their annual crossover, and announce something crazy like what comic event it will be based off of.
  • New Character. Anyone from a Green Lantern to a someone in the Bat Family could be in the works. That would be huge to announce something like that is coming to the show. A villain that crosses over in all of the shows would be huge too. (It is worth noting here that at this same Con, David Ramsey said he could see Diggle from another Earth having the Green Lantern ring. A Laurel Lance from another Earth has been on the show all season, so why not Diggle?)
  • A New Show. – Amell could announce a new spinoff – anything from The Ray to something brand new. A Suicide Squad spinoff was in the works before the movie, maybe that is making its way back.
  • Crossover With Black Lightning, Krypton, or a DC Universe Show. – Shows that aren’t established in the “Arrowverse” yet could be crossing over, including any of the new shows from DC’s new streaming service like Titans or Doom Patrol.
  • Nothing Related to The Arrowverse At All. – Maybe he is just announcing something that is related to The CW brand, and not necessarily the show itself. It is always nice to show that you are a “company man” and play ball when it comes to things like this.

Anything is possible. We will find out Thursday, probably before the Arrow finale airs a few hours later.

What do you think the announcement could be?

Source: Heroes and Villains Fan Fest via ComicBook.com


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