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WONDER WOMAN 2 Begins Filming In Spain In Mere Weeks, Patty Jenkins Can’t Believe It!


The crown jewel of the DCU is getting a sequel, and according to director Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman 2 will start filming sooner than you think.

“Shockingly soon” sounds like we could expect principal photography this month some time! Who knows when it will actually start, but that adverb says a lot, while not giving away anything. In other words, Jenkins is good at this.

With a cast that includes Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, the star studded cast will apparently head to Tenerife in Spain to shoot the sequel that will take place in the 80’s according to Omega Undeground.

Seeing Diana take on the Cold War in the 80s should be a ton of fun. Ever since I heard Marc Bernardin suggest something on an episode of his podcast Fat Man on Batman, I want it to happen. Bernardin suggested that since Chris Pine is rumored to appear in the sequel, it would be great if that was one of the human forms that the Martian Manhunter took to gain Diana’s trust. That way the movie could have its cake and eat it too – Steve Trevor’s death would still “count” and be important to Diana’s journey, and we could still have Chris Pine as part of the franchise. Plus, we could get Manhunter too. While the character is a staple in Supergirl, he can hypothetically exist in both, just like The Flash does.

The WB is smart to get this to start filming soon – Shazam just wrapped up their filming, and Aquaman is nearly done with post-production. With the issues they are having with their other franchise characters, perhaps Wonder Woman can rescue them.

We will keep you all updated on any developments in the future.

Are you excited for Wonder Woman 2?


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