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NIGHTWING Director Chris McKay Shoots Down Dick Grayson Casting Rumor


When you think of a Nightwing movie, there are lots of people who come to mind who could potentially play the titular role. One of those people that have been rumored for the role is Zac Efron.

A few years ago, that would have been cringeworthy to me. But he has been doing some great work lately in things like The Greatest Showman and Neighbors. While he is nowhere near my first choice, I’d be willing to give him a chance. But it looks like that will never happen.

Someone asked director Chris McKay if that was happening, and McKay’s response was short, sweet, and to the point.

For those that may have settings that prevent them from seeing the above twitter exchange, McKay was asked “Hey bighead, is this true?” to which he replied, simply, “Not true.”

If it was true, or even in consideration, he could have given a non-answer or ignored the tweet completely. But to come out and answer seems pretty definitive to me.

No word yet on who will play Nightwing, but if you were betting on Efron, it might be a good idea to move your chips to another number.

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I still am holding out hope that The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun is in contention. He would be great for the role.

Who do you want to see as Nightwing? Would Efron have been okay with you?


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