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GOTHAM Renewed For Fifth and Final Season, Stars React!


Fox announced this weekend that the DC Comics based show Gotham has been picked up for one more season, which will be the show’s last.

Gotham follows Jim Gordon as a young cop, and Bruce Wayne on his journey to becoming Batman. It shows how all the villains became what they are when Batman arrives.

Following the news, stars of the show took to social media to express their support to their loyal fans.

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#gothamseason5 I am so overjoyed that we will have the opportunity to finish the story the first four seasons of gotham have begun to tell. The last time I posted this picture some people thought I was signaling the shows early end. In all honesty, at the time, I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen. Everything i said, though, still holds more true than ever. I love the family we have built and feel so grateful to be apart of a project with fans so passionate. And when our fate was still on the line, it was you guys I was most upset about. The thought of ending on a note that did not display the end of each characters path terrified me as it would mean everyone who invested their time and energy into caring about what happens to these people and how they get where they’re going would be left with disappointment. Thank you fox for giving us this opportunity to finish strong. And thank you all for keeping this show alive. I’m going to stop typing now. I love you all and DO NOT forget to watch the incredible finale Thursday night #Gotham #GothamStrong

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It is nice that the show can end on its own terms. I watched part of the first season, but ended up giving it up after a while. I always thought a cool angle to the show would have been if Jim Gordon became Batman, and the show ends with Gordon giving the mantle to Bruce Wayne when he was ready. But they did okay without my idea, obviously, and this experiment of a show seemed to have been successful.

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Now that these actors will have their schedules clear, I hope that Sean Pertwee can appear on Doctor Who. His father Jon played the Third Doctor in the 70’s. He looks a lot like his Dad, so they could even have him play that incarnation if they wanted to. But it would be nice to see him in the show regardless of the role.

The 4th season of Gotham has its finale soon, and it will probably be all the more satisfying for fans now that they know the future of the show is set.

Will you be watching Gotham next year?


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