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EL FANBOY: “DC Bochinche- Superman, Batman, and The Flash”


Mario-Francisco Robles, host of the El Fanboy Podcast, has come into some exciting bochinche- aka gossip- about where the DC Cinematic Universe is headed (and what it wants to avoid) that he just has to share with you. From details about how Warner Bros. views Henry Cavill’s Superman, to the most conclusive thing he’s ever heard about Ben Affleck’s future as Batman, and the reversion of Flashpoint back to The Flash, there’s plenty to talk about!

This all came to be because of the myriad of rumors going around lately about different facets of the DC Universe. They inspired MFR to track down people in-the-know about whether or not several recent reports/rumors were accurate. The rumors he wanted clarity about are:

Along the way, he stumbled on some interesting gossip about the Superman sequel to Man of Steel, Peter Jackson, and how the success of Infinity War was digested by Warner Bros. None of these are “scoops,” mind you. After the Aquaman trailer fiasco, MFR has backed off on trying to reveal things that possibly aren’t fully formed. What this is are the words of someone who actually works for Warner Bros. addressing recent rumors and MFR conveying what they had to say to you.

His insiders gave him some very clear and distinct responses to these rumors, and he’s happy to share with you what he’s heard, because even if things evolve beyond these ideas in the future the core of what’s behind them is very telling and comforting on their own.

You can listen to Episode 59 of the El Fanboy Podcast, titled “DC Bochinche- Superman, Batman, and The Flash” right here:

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