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EL FANBOY: “DC Bochinche- Superman, Batman, and The Flash”


Mario-Francisco Robles, host of the El Fanboy Podcast, has come into some exciting bochinche- aka gossip- about where the DC Cinematic Universe is headed (and what it wants to avoid) that he just has to share with you. From details about how Warner Bros. views Henry Cavill’s Superman, to the most conclusive thing he’s ever heard about Ben Affleck’s future as Batman, and the reversion of Flashpoint back to The Flash, there’s plenty to talk about!

This all came to be because of the myriad of rumors going around lately about different facets of the DC Universe. They inspired MFR to track down people in-the-know about whether or not several recent reports/rumors were accurate. The rumors he wanted clarity about are:

Along the way, he stumbled on some interesting gossip about the Superman sequel to Man of Steel, Peter Jackson, and how the success of Infinity War was digested by Warner Bros. None of these are “scoops,” mind you. After the Aquaman trailer fiasco, MFR has backed off on trying to reveal things that possibly aren’t fully formed. What this is are the words of someone who actually works for Warner Bros. addressing recent rumors and MFR conveying what they had to say to you.

His insiders gave him some very clear and distinct responses to these rumors, and he’s happy to share with you what he’s heard, because even if things evolve beyond these ideas in the future the core of what’s behind them is very telling and comforting on their own.

You can listen to Episode 59 of the El Fanboy Podcast, titled “DC Bochinche- Superman, Batman, and The Flash” right here:

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Mario-Francisco Robles, Editor-in-Chief of REVENGE OF THE FANS, Is The Host of This Passionate, Intimate Weekly Podcast. Join Him Each Week As He Sounds Off On The Latest Issues Concerning Geek Culture (Primarily Movies and TV Shows) In His Signature Raw, Confessional Style.


Revenge of The Fans

  • razorstar90

    So the DCEU is in the state it’s in cause Nolan chose Snyder, after his 3 movies flopped and got bad reviews? So it’s Nolan’s fault? Bleh.

    I’m not too sure WB doubling or tripling down with the DCEU as presently constructed. Marvel could stay the course of the plans cause everyone was on board after Iron Man. People weren’t on board after MOS, they REALLY weren’t on board for BvS, SS not on board, Wonder Woman YES, but then the next movie she appeared in mere months later essentially flopped proving that the people again aren’t on board.

    Tthis thing could blow up in their faces…AGAIN. It all sounds good. But we’ve been here before. Oh BvS and JL part 1 &2 it’s going to be amazing, we know what we are doing guys….and then what happened. For the DCEU it’s believe it when I see it. Cause everything they are doing might be a little too late

    • Frank Dirscherl

      I think it’s too late for WB to just totally give up on the DC films at this point.

      Look, the characters are popular. The studio just has to find the right filmmakers and ingredients to get audiences excited. They had it with the Chris Reeve Superman films and the Burton/Schumacher Batman films (for the most part), and again with the Nolan Batman’s and the recent Wonder Woman. The right directors onboard these projects is of paramount importance. Donner, Burton, Nolan, Jenkins, Wan are the sorts of people that make these characters work. Snyder is definitely NOT. So, Superman in the future, for example, needs someone like Peter Jackson or Mathew Vaughan or Chris McQuarrie to get audiences excited and invested in the character again. Even with JL being a disappointment, Joss Whedon’s take on Superman resonated with the public and WB took real note of this. They finally understand that the dark, dreary Batman-esque style DOES NOT suit Superman in the slightest. Superman is meant to be bright, colourful (literally) and cheery. Snyder failed miserably with the Man of Steel, and now it’s up to the studio to try and rectify his myriad blunders.

      • nipple_pinchy

        >Superman is meant to be bright, colourful (literally) and cheery.

        You have such a juvenile, superficial, simple “understanding” of the character.

      • Frank Dirscherl

        No, that’s how Superman is meant to be and, more importantly, that’s how the majority of the audience EXPECT Superman to be.

    • CmputrBlu

      Snyder met with Nolan and the studio like all the other directors that were on that short list. Based on some of the names on that list, I don’t imagine Nolan choose Snyder over of anyone else. Regardless you hire someone with the hope that they will succeed. It was up to step in as soon as it appeared Snyder wasn’t right man for the job.

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  • Frank Dirscherl

    Could this podcast be typed out, please? That would be preferable for me. Thank you.

    • nipple_pinchy

      I wish I knew how to read.

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  • nipple_pinchy

    I’m cautiously optimistic about the DC Films initiative. As a lifelong DC fan and someone who still deeply loves the universe, the characters, the lore, .etc, I know how much potential each character has. DC Films just really needs someone who loves the characters, is a savvy businessperson and someone whose experience in the film industry can channel that excitement for DC in the right direction.

    I think that, rather than doing the Marvel or even FOX approach where when you see one of their movies, you’re watching recognizable characters in a familiar world, WB should set the parameter that when you see a DC movie that it really feels like you’re taking a trip into another world. A Superman movie should be like a Rockwell painting come to life, completely idyllic and not wholly realistic, kind of like a Disneyland ride, ironically, with Metropolis looking like something out of 20s-30s New York mixed with the some of the technological flare of Star Trek. A Batman movie should be like taking a trip into a baroque, gothic nightmare mixed with sprinkles of noir detective stories with Gotham at night being inspired by Blade Runner, The Crow and even Dracula.

    It should all be over the top and really respect the disparate natures of the characters and how they were originally designed to be the centerpiece of their respective “bubble” environments rather than characters thrown into a singular, cohesive world: Metropolis is an analog for Superman with both being the apex of either architectural design or of human ambition and virtue; Gotham is an analog for Batman with both being a crumbling facade being eaten from the inside by the darkness within. That kind of thing.

    WB should make it feel like when you buy a ticket for a DC movie and you sit down, you’re going for a ride into unfamiliar worlds to escape from the real one.

    • Mario-Francisco Robles

      That’s a very interesting approach you’re suggesting there. Could make it tough to pull it all together for crossover films, if each one feels THAT distinct, but it’d definitely be a neat way to honor each DC character’s grandiose mythology.

      I dig!

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  • Ecstasy

    MOS 2 (SUPERMAN UNCHAINED) is desperately needed to build and maintain the general public’s excitement for DCEU.

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  • Frank Dirscherl

    I’d be happy to see McQuarrie direct Superman. I think someone like him at the helm could re-energize the audience favourably towards the DCEU.

    • Mario-Francisco Robles

      I agree. He values STORY and CHARACTER over SPECTACLE…while still making sure the spectacle is top notch. A rare feat.

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