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Rumor: Peter Jackson Deciding On More Middle Earth Or Jumping Into The DC Universe


Okay folks, so I have another rumor that has been floating around. Now this rumor is coming from the Twitter account, TheOneRing.net, about Peter Jackson and his crews future. Check out the tweet below.

Now, personally, I am not sure if Jackson should be looking at either option. Blasphemy? Maybe. Selling him short? I guess, but hear me out. The man has done a metric ton of Lord of the Rings already and to be honest, I think the man needs an indefinite break from Middle Earth and should move to work on something fresh. As for the DCEU? I am not so sure that he would be a great fit for any of the characters in the stable. I know what you’re thinking “Oh, cause Kenneth Branaugh was a great fit for Thor, right?!” I agree, he was a weird choice as well and I ended up enjoying the film as a whole (albeit, that I find it the weakest of the first set of Marvel origin flicks, just my opinion.)

IF Jackson helps with the Amazon-helmed Lord of the Rings series, I see him doing it from a producers chair and nothing more, which seems to be the general assuming consensus at the moment. Let him help in that capacity but I think the man should jump into new projects that can use his attention… though not in the DCEU.

With that being said though, our very own Editor-in-Chief, Mario-Francisco Robles, has been hearing murmurs of another “big time” director joining the DCEU ever since the news hit of Steven Spielberg producing (and possibly directing) his first DC comics adaptation, Blackhawks.

What do you Revengers think? Is that big time director that our head honcho is hearing about Jackson himself or someone else? Do you think Jackson should try his hand in the DCEU or stick with Middle Earth… or just move on completely?! Sound off below!

SOURCE: Twitter


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