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Rumor: CAPTAIN MARVEL To Have Bigger Impact Than INFINITY WAR And Will Redefine Superhero Films


Just in reading that headline, that is a very big claim, needless to say, though, to be fair, it is just a rumor. With that being said, taking in to consideration what Black Panther has done for showcasing diversity and what Wonder Woman has done for showcasing that a female led super hero movie could dominate with the proper treatment and directing, this is a very bold statement. Redefine super hero movies as a whole? Alright Captain Marvel… you have my attention. In an article from Screen Geek, a “trustworthy source” has dropped some interesting information. Nothing in terms of plot or anything, but making some pretty grand claims. Check out what the source said below.

Though Thor: RagnarokBlack Panther and Avengers: Infinity War were all different and original movies, nothing is going to be as different and original as Captain Marvel. The upcoming movie from Anna Bolden and Ryan Fleck is going to change the Marvel Cinematic Universe and give us something no one has seen before – and something that no fan is expecting.

Wonder Woman was obviously considered a very important movie for women, but Captain Marvel is going to blow it away. It will completely redefine superhero movies – similar to how Marvel Studios changed everything back in 2008. If you thought Infinity War was a game-changer, you’re not ready for what’s coming in Captain Marvel.

If there is any truth to this, especially in how Captain Marvel will “blow away” Wonder Woman, I am floored and insanely intrigued. Plus, it makes you think, how else will Captain Marvel break boundaries? What new plot devices or character developments will be so unique and groundbreaking that it can be seen as blowing away the likes of Infinity War or Black Panther? Thor: Ragnarok is a huge fan favorite, yet Captain Marvel will be more different and more original?

Granted, again, this is all just a rumor and clearly an opinion… but damn… that’s one Hell of an opinion. What do you all think? How do you think Captain Marvel can blow away these film titans? Comment below!


SOURCE: Screen Geek


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