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X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Director Sheds Light On The Delay And Reshoots


There have been a number of disappointments in what has been thus far a very strong 2018 for superhero films. We have seen heroes never seen on the big screen before smash the box office in Black Panther and all out wars erupt with all of existence in the balance in Avengers: Infinity War. We have seen all of this with still the second coming in Deadpool 2 and the journey to the unknown quantum verse in Ant-Man and The Wasp to make their theater arrivals in just weeks in the future. Yet, with all these fan appreciated films putting us all in a comic book fan stupor we are still without a staple and an anticipated new comer, I of course speak of the two very delayed films X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants. With the list of comic book movies coming out they were set to continue every fan boys comic book fantasy live on screen with release dates for 2018 but now have been pushed back to 2019, one as far as August of next year. The New Mutants are just floating along waiting for their time in February and news has already been shared that the director wants to make this a scarier film but more disheartening news came from the mutant camp of X Mansion. The director of this third film, Simon Kinberg, assures fans that the reshoots are part of the current era of big budget productions, telling Entertainment Weekly,

“It’s normal for all these big movies now…”

As fans we reap the benefit of a well done big budget film and get to see the story come to life in the vision of the director, but sometimes a story can take time to bring that image out- especially something based on the Dark Phoenix saga. Kinberg further explained to Entertainment Weekly,

“I wanted the post time to deliver on the nuance of the visual effects, not just the scale of them. That takes time…”

It is safe to assume that the reshoots are not out of panic but to further along the creating the most realistic feel for what will be a dark turn for the young mutant team as they breathe a sigh of relief in the defeat of Apocalypse in X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, but now must face the inner conflict of one of their most powerful team mates, Jean Grey. It should also be noted that Dark Phoenix is now slated to come out on the same weekend that delivered such huge numbers for Deadpool and Black Panther, so Fox likely saw a great business opportunity there with audiences primed for superhero thrills on Valentine’s Day Weekend.

You psyched for Dark Phoenix?

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly


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