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Jimmy Kimmel To Voice Batman In TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES


Some of us long for the days when the DC Comics young heroes, Teen Titans, were a serious bunch of teens blast power beams at villains and cracking staffs over their heads but the version that has been around for some years now is the more comical Teen Titans Go! Which looks at them through a more comical lens, something that has worked its way to the big screen in The LEGO Batman Movie. Well, it looks like the comical teens will have their shot in the theaters in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, which will not just have the mini-heroes but a few Justice League names such as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and recently announced, Batman; but Will Arnett will not be playing the cape crusader this time around, instead Jimmy Kimmel, the host of, well, Jimmy Kimmel Live, will be manning the voice of one of DC’s most recognized characters.

Kimmel broke the news over twitter in a friendly slight towards his cast mates, Will Arnett, who is now voicing Slade Wilson, the man known as Deathstroke. This not Kimmel’s first voice acting job, he currently has Boss Baby and The Smurfs 2 on his resume. Though Kimmel is a big name, another hero making an appearance is Superman who will be voiced by Nicholas Cage, someone who had aspirations of playing the iconic hero but settled for Ghostrider.

Look for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies to hit theaters July 27th of this year.

SOURCE: Cinemablend


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