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Another ARROW Series Regular Is Being Written Out Of The Show


Earlier this season on Arrow, Willa Holland who has been with the show since day 1 as Oliver’s sister Thea Queen, was written out of the show. Now, as Season 6 is set to wrap up here in the next few weeks, word comes that another cast member will not return next year.

This is considered a SPOILER for the end of season 6 of Arrow, so do not read if you don’t want to know.

Paul Blackthorne – who has played Quentin Lance since the show’s inception is leaving the show. No word on how is character will leave, but if you have been following the story, it doesn’t seem like he will get a pleasant send off.

Brothers in Arms

Quentin Lance – who is now the Mayor of Star City – is trying desperately to get his dead daughter’s evil doppelganger to be a hero. Laurel is making strides, but Quentin’s death would seal the deal in my opinion. I would actually be more surprised if he survived the season than if he didn’t.

The ironic part of all of this, is that there was some time in those middle seasons that he had nothing to do. Some stories felt shoe-horned into the script, and very forced narrative wise. But this year, he has had one of his best arcs ever, so it is sad that he is leaving the show.

Most contracts are for 6 seasons, and when those are up, they can renegotiate, renew, etc. There is no word on if he wanted to leave regardless, couldn’t come to an agreement, or got offered a different job.

If you’ve seen the preview for next Arrow (airing tonight), you know that there is always a chance someone can return, regardless of how they exited. But this seems like goodbye, at least for now.

Upwards and onwards. Arrow Season 7 will see the return of Colton Haynes’s Roy Harper as a season regular. So while one old face says goodbye, another says hello again.

What do you think of Blackthorne’s departure? Will Quentin Lance have a fulfilling character arc when all is said and done?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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