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KRYPTON: The DC Series Confirms Existence of The JUSTICE LEAGUE And GREEN LANTERN CORPS In Its Canon!


Krypton is a DC Comics show about Superman’s grandfather that airs on Syfy. It doesn’t exist in the Arrowverse (at least not yet), but we might see some things on Krypton that the Arrowverse could only dream of.

In the previous episode, Adam Strange dropped two references. Adam Strange is a human who time travelled to Krypton to help protect it against Braniac, so Superman can still exist in the future. Throughout those adventures, Strange lets more about himself be known. ComicBook.com has the breakdown:

Along the way, Adam explains that he can’t fly, doesn’t have super-strength, and doesn’t have a power ring — an overt reference to the Green Lantern Corps, a group that might actually show up on Krypton.

Earlier in the year, DC Entertainment VP Dan Evans was asked about the Lantern Corp appearing on Krypton. His response:

“That’s something that would be a natural fit for us.”

That is the most positive response to the potential about the Lanterns appearing in a DC show yet.

Evans’ other comment about “multiple universes” opens the door for them to crossover with Supergirl too, if they ever wanted to:

“DC isn’t just Earth, it isn’t just Metropolis or Gotham. The DC universe is huge, it’s multiple universes,”

But back to the episode. When asked why a “B-list” hero like Strange would come here to do this, Strange says that he was hoping if he saved Superman that the Justice League might notice him.

Just planting those seeds always opens the door for potential story later. But sometimes, they are just fun easter eggs. “Ferris Air” has been referenced in both Arrow and The Flash, but Hal Jordan has yet to appear in either. Arrow has even made references to Bruce Wayne, Gotham City, and Bludhaven – the home of Dick Grayson’s Nightwing, but all turned out to be just fun Easter Eggs and nothing substantial.

I only watched the first episode of Krypton. I plan to watch the rest….some time. But if the Lanterns show up? Then I will make sure I catch up.

Would you like to see the Justice League or the Lantern Corps appear in Krypton?

Source: ComicBook.com


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