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New Details Surface About The New SPAWN Reboot!


It’s these kind of tidbits and goodies that I absolutely love to report on. Once upon a time, back in 1997, we were given the Spawn live action movie. In the role of the titular anti-hero was Michael Jai White, an actor and martial artist who had some great attention and was trying to make it bigger in Hollywood; this movie hopefully being the winning ticket. Martin Sheen and John Leguizamo, who at the time had been transcending his comedy and getting into movies more regularly, were also on the bill. Sadly, the movie didn’t do too well. Actually… the movie was pretty bad all around. Fans were heartbroken at seeing one of their favorite dark and foreboding characters done so poorly. Just read the critiques on Rotten Tomatoes where the movie stands at a rotten score of 18%. Yikes.

In any event, Todd McFarlane wanted to create a proper Spawn film. One that complimented his vision and gave fans what they were looking for… a true iteration of the character. For the last five years, McFarlane has been trying to make that happen. Trying to build an R rated “horror movie and thriller movie” as described by McFarlane. Finally, though, it seems we have some light at the end of that demonic tunnel. Under Blumhouse Productions, the project is starting to get some legs and I have all the deets.

At the moment, Spawn has been gaining some real momentum and McFarlane is pushing for a 2019 release (AWESOME!) He and casting director Terri Taylor have begun building a cast for a tentative filming date of August ’18 (of which I reported back in February). The first offer for a role has been made and it is for the title role of Al Simmons/Spawn… the actor? Jamie Foxx. While this may sound reminiscent of 2013 when Foxx was pushing for the role, this is a legit offer.

Jamie Foxx Offered Role Of Spawn

As of right now, Foxx has not accepted the role just yet and this could be the catalyst that will set in motion the speed of production. Whether he or another actor take the role though, it seems they will be sharing the spotlight with another character.  Twitch Williams, which fans of the comics will recognize as one half of the duo of NYPD homicide detectives, Sam and Twitch, who would occasionally work with Spawn. It seems that we will be seeing some tag team action going on with these characters in the new flick.

So what do you think? About time for a new Spawn? How about Jamie Foxx? Good casting or you think they could still do better? Sound off in the comments below!


SOURCE: That Hashtag Show


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