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THE REVENGERS: “Talking INFINITY WAR, The MCU’s Future, Joss Whedon, McQuarrie’s Superman Teases, And More!”


On this week’s episode of The Revengers: The Official Movie & TV Podcast of Revenge of The Fans, hosts Vanessa Lee Bontea, Brett Miro, and Mario-Francisco Robles open things up with their non-spoiler thoughts about Avengers: Infinity War, following a successful Revenger Watch Party in Brooklyn last Thursday. Then they tackle the biggest geek news bits, with an emphasis on the future of the MCU. That’s followed by a discussion about Joss Whedon’s polarizing Wonder Woman script, which then brings them the latest exciting updates regarding Christopher McQuarrie’s flurry of recent comments regarding directing the next Superman movie!

Then, at the 1 hour and 16 minute mark, they dive into a full-on *SPOILER* discussion about Infinity War. They will give you ample warning when that’s about to start, so you’ll have the ability to exit the episode at that moment.

Specifically, the news items covered this week include:

  • All of the intriguing tidbits about the MCU that have hit the net in the last couple of days as people wonder what the franchise’s future will look like, such as Ben Wheatley possibly directing a movie in the series
  • Joss Whedon’s defense of his Wonder Woman script amidst all of the backlash, with Vanessa’s unique perspective on what’s being said about Whedon’s writing and track record
  • Christopher McQuarrie is trying to give Superman fans a heart attack, and Dwayne Johnson is dying to tussle with Cavill’s Kal-El
  • Infinity War‘s historic box office performance (and what makes it extra notable)
  • Belated thoughts about that Venom trailer

You can check out the latest episode of The Revengers, titled “Non-Spoiler Infinity War Thoughts, MCU/DCU News (Superman!), Then Spoiler IW Thoughts!” right here:

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