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Jason Momoa Highlights Difference Between JUSTICE LEAGUE Aquaman and Standalone Aquaman


A new week, yet so much happened at CinemaCon that we are still able to mine stories out of it. When Warner Bros had their Aquaman segment where they showed some footage that people loved, star Jason Momoa and director James Wan also talked about the film.

When asked how the experiences were between shooting Justice League and his standalone film as Aquaman, Momoa had this to say:

“Justice League was like college. I’m not really sure what Aquaman was, it’s just all on my shoulders. I had a great time. I think in Justice League, you had five other characters around you suffering equally the same, so it was kind of fun to endure that. And then, you know, it got me ready to do my solo movie which was challenging and tough and hard and super satisfying.”

Wan was interviewed next, and said his influence were early Spielberg films (like Indiana Jones) that gave audiences a sense of “awe and wonderment“. His passion for the project is obvious, and it is nice to see that whatever the reaction to Aquaman may be, that it was made with love and care.

You can watch the clip with Momoa and Wan below, courtesy of MTV News.

Are you excited for Aquaman’s first solo adventure? The buzz on the film has been palpable, as people seem very excited about the evolution of Arthur Curry- which is a feat in and of itself. Credit must be given to Zack Snyder for casting Momoa and coming up with an exciting update for a character that was long thought of as some corny superhero who talks to fish.

Feel free to check out what people are saying about what’s been shown of Aquaman so far by CLICKING HERE.

After bouncing around a total three times, Aquaman will arrive in theaters on December 21.



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