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Deadpool Shares His AVENGERS Rejection Letter From Tony Stark While Congratulating INFINITY WAR


Deadpool didn’t win any awards (though it should have), and with its sequel fast approaching, it doesn’t seem like that will change. Regardless, both films have had the best ad campaign surrounding it. When you have a character who is “meta” and breaks the fourth wall – and a studio who is good with embracing that (thanks Fox!) you get comedy gold.

While in the comics, Deadpool is in the same universe as Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America, there is a divide on the movie side. But that isn’t for lack of trying on Deadpool’s part. Ryan Reynolds, who portrays the Merc with a mouth, took to social media to congratulate Marvel on their huge box office success.

If you can’t read that, it is a rejection letter from Tony Stark to Deadpool about joining the Avengers. It is perfectly on brand, and makes it clear how fun Deadpool annoying Thor, Stark, and Cap would be. This also feels like the first tease of what things will be like once Disney assumes ownership of Fox, because once all these characters are under Mickey’s banner, the crossovers can begin. Reynolds using the official Stark Industries logo from the MCU feels like they’re already dipping a toe in that water.

We don’t deserve Deadpool. Reynolds and the team behind the movie deserve some sort of social media promotion award or something.

The congratulations are well deserved, though. Avengers: Infinity War has shattered opening weekend box office records, and as our Editor In Chief pointed out on twitter, the movie has done insane numbers without the help of China.

In the latest Deadpool 2 trailer, Deadpool says “Pump the brakes, Thanos” to Thanos-actor Josh Brolin. No one is heeding that advice. Avengers: Infinity War has no signs of slowing down.

I know several people who have seen the film more than once already. I will probably go again next weekend.

How many times do you plan on seeing it? Have you seen it more than once already? Let us know!


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