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Tom Cruise’s Insane Stunt for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE- FALLOUT Detailed At CinemaCon


This could be considered spoilers for some, so if you don’t want to know any plot details about the movie, turn away now.

CinemaCon has been providing stories for Revenge Of The Fans to cover since…yesterday. But they have all been good ones. This time, it was Paramount’s turn, and after covering Star Trek and Cloverfield, they moved to one of their longest running franchises: Mission: Impossible- Fallout.

The crown jewel of the presentation was Tom Cruise’s absolutely bonkers stunt he performed for this movie – 106 times! Deadline has a description of the scene:

Cruise wanted to do a skydiving stunt where he jumped out of a plane at 25K-30K feet going 220 MPH and in doing so, grabbing Henry Cavill’s character in mid-air. During the sequence, they are both struck out by lightning, with Cruise’s Ethan recovering only to make his way to Cavill, and resuscitate his character’s oxygen tube.

If that doesn’t already sell you a ticket, the stunt was considered so dangerous that only one country on this planet would let them film it there.

It took Cruise 106 jumps to get the three takes they wanted, and a skydiver with a camera on his head, falling backward out of the plane so he could film Cruise. The trick for the cameraman was keeping the camera level with Cruise’s face because he shot it “with only a sense of instinct,” said McQuarrie. “The only place we could do this was the United Arab Emirates,” said Cruise about the legality of the stunt.

Cruise is notorious for wanting to do his own stunts. Production even had to shut down for a bit because Cruise broke his ankle trying to jump to a roof top. You can see that stunt in the trailer, around the 2:11 mark.

The film is interesting for a number of reasons. The first is, that Jeremy Renner could not return to this sequel because he was filming Avengers: Infinity War. You wouldn’t know it from the marketing though, there is no trace of him in any of the promo material for the Marvel blockbuster. Because of that, Henry Cavill’s character was invented. He had to grow a mustache for the role, a mustache that will live in infamy because of the Justice League reshoots and its subsequent CGI removal.

Outside of that, it looks like the most personal sequel the franchise has had, and wraps up story lines from all of the other movies. The trailer was great. This is the first time the franchise has had a repeat director, with Chris McQuarrie, too.

Mission: Impossible- Fallout comes out in theaters July 27th.

Source: CinemaCon Via Deadline



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