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Paramount CEO Confirms That Two STAR TREK Films Are In Development


We’ve been getting a lot of news from good ol’ CinemaCon this week. Paramount’s CEO Jim Gianopulos got everyone in the room excited when he said the studio was developing two more Star Trek movies.

Let’s break down what those could be. The safest guess is that it is merely Star Trek 4, and Star Trek 5, both taking place in the same continuity created in J.J. Abrams’ 2009 film.

We’ve heard whispers and rumors of a time travel adventure featuring Chris Hemsworth as Kirk’s (Chris Pine) dad. We’ve also heard of a Tarantino-written (and possibly helmed?) Star Trek feature, that seems to be different from the Hemsworth project. So another option could be the Hemsworth one being a tried and true sequel, and Tarantino’s being an else-world one. Or Tarantino’s could be the result of whatever changes the time traveling causes in the Hemsworth one.

Of course, the franchise could boldly go in another direction too – a movie with the CBS All-Access Cast could happen. Or start The Next Generation again, with James McAvoy as Captain Picard.

The other option, which is the most intriguing one to me, is have one of the movies back in the “Prime” timeline – dust William Shatner off, and tell a story that way.

In the world of shared universes, anything is possible. Star Trek has a deep and rich history outside of Captain Kirk and his Enterprise crew. Any of that could be explored.

Gianopulos didn’t seem to offer any details, so speculation is all we have at the moment. But it looks like Paramount’s ambitions go beyond just a Star Trek 4. Whatever form that takes, we will be sure to let you know as soon as we hear.

What do you think the two Star Trek movies will be?

Source: ScreenRant


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