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J.J. Abrams Promises A True CLOVERFIELD Sequel, And Denies that OVERLORD is One


The Cloverfield Universe is a weird one. It consists of three movies at the moment. Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and The Cloverfield Paradox. The latter two were not originally made as part of the Cloverfield universe – rather, they were later adapted to fit in there. Both movies make references to the events of the original but neither are directly related enough to be called a true “sequel” to it.

At CinemaCon, Abrams commented on that, saying there would be one, and it would be in theaters.

All we knew about the future of the franchise was that a movie called Overlord was going to be Cloverfield 4, set in WWII. But that doesn’t seem to be the case now, if Abrams is to be believed.

Do you know what else Abrams said? Abrams said that Benedict Cumberbatch was not playing Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness. He was. Abrams also said he wouldn’t direct a Star Wars movie. He is now gearing up to do his second one. The bottom line is, Abrams lies. Or at least, he changes his mind a lot.

Regardless of whether Overlord is a sequel/spinoff or not, it sounds really cool:

So there is definitely more Cloverfield coming, we just aren’t sure what form that will take. That is very much in the style of Abrams though isn’t it? Present a bunch of intriguing questions that don’t have an answer.

What do you make of all of this? Which of the films in the series have you seen so far, and do you think this experiment is working out? It seems like they want the title to act as a banner under which several kinds of films can exist, like an anthology TV series. But is it too scattershot at the moment, or are you liking how detached they all seem to be?


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