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AQUAMAN: Description of What Was Shown At CinemaCon, And The Raves It Received!


CinemaCon happened yesterday, and Warner Bros had a panel there. During that panel, they showed some Aquaman footage. Footage from the James Wan film has yet to be seen by the general public, but a few lucky people who were in attendance there did get to see it. One of those people was ComicBook.com‘s Brandon Davis. He laid out a description of the trailer which you can see below.

“I can’t believe you’re finally here,” someone says. The camera dives into the water. A ship soars through the water. A gladiator match seems to be coming. The ship enters Atlantis, with several ships ferrying in and out. The Ocean Master stands in the coliseum, rallying the crowd against his brother who will challenge him for the throne. Arthur trains on the beach. He’s younger and catches the quindent with his bare hands, just before his face. He lifts a submarine from the water. He kicks ass inside the sub. Above water, he tells Mera he is a “blood instrument” and he’s “damn good at it”. Mera begs Arthur to help so “millions of people” don’t die. Water crashes on land. Dafoe’s character tells him to go “deeper” to discover his Atlantean instincts, before being revealed in a leather-y black costume. Black Manta looks ripped from a comic, with glowing red eyes. A war between an army on foot underwater and men riding sharks ensues. The Ocean Master promises to bring the”wrath of seven seas.”

That sounds pretty great, especially the “Black Manta looks ripped from a comic” part. That costume deserves to be seen on the big screen. There were some very positive reactions from other people too, about the Aquaman footage shown, even with unfinished special effects:

It is awesome to see rough footage get that strong of a positive reaction. It was also noted that James Wan is still editing the film. Hopefully, the general audience will finally get an Aquaman trailer soon!

Do these reactions make you more excited for the film? What about the description of what was shown? Is that doing it for you, Aquaman fans? When do you think we will see the first trailer?

Source: ComicBook.com


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