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JUSTICE LEAGUE: Here’s What Yesterday’s Revelation About Luthor and Deathstroke’s Post-Credit Scene Means


Last night, DC twitter blew up for a bit because of something an eagle-eyed fan spotted in Simon Firsht’s cinematography reel- which is filled with Justice League goodies. What they discovered was that, despite it being well-established that Zack Snyder shot the infamous “Deathstroke meets Luthor” tease of the Legion of Doom faction at the end of JL, it would appear that Joss Whedon put his own twist on it.

First, here’s the video itself (which you should watch, cause it’s really cool). Then there’s the isolated frame I want you to look at, followed by a discussion about what it all means:

And here’s the still of Jesse Eisenberg filming something additional for the Legion of Doom tease at the end of Justice League:

Now, for the sake of discussion, you should also check out the actual scene and observe the one line Lex speaks where the background almost doesn’t matter (because the actor playing him was no longer on a boat and it was shot using green screen):

So let’s break this down, shall we?

  • First thing’s first: There’s Whedon’s name, which was a shocker for fans because everyone was told that Snyder shot that sequence.
  • The date is quite revealing: September 23, 2017. That was only about seven weeks before Justice League opened on November 17
  • The line that was seemingly added/tweaked was “Shouldn’t we have a league of our own?

The first two observations work in tandem, and they reveal the foolhardy of folks who scoffed at sites that reported that Whedon was still shooting new material for Justice League in mid-September as, clearly, he was. While my friends over at Batman-On-Film may have gotten thrown off about whether or not some new things were being shot for a Themyscira sequence in early September, this still proves they were right in asserting that JL was still getting tweaked well into that month.

But what’s most notable here, and the reason I’m covering this, is the fact that the line that seems to have been added by Whedon (at the behest of the studio) was the “league of our own” bit, which is a very direct hint that Luthor is assembling a team of villains, i.e. the Legion of Doom.

This lends credence to what I reported back in November, shortly after the release of Justice League, which was that Warner Bros. was really high on the idea of establishing the Legion as a shadow organization of villains for future DCU movies as they moved away from the idea of having Darkseid be the franchise’s first central “big bad.” If you go back and read that report, I include additional details about what they were thinking of doing with the LOD in the near future.

The fact that they would go through the trouble of bringing Eisenberg back, having him shave his head, and adding that “League of our own” line with the movie mere weeks away from being released adds weight to that report. The folks calling the shots at the time were really, really high on the LOD concept, and they really wanted to plant that seed in a way that was very direct and very obvious to longtime DC fans.

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Whedon working on it so late into September also explains why the sequence wasn’t included in the initial test screenings of the final cut of the film, which led folks to report that the film’s only post-credit sequence would be the Superman/Flash race.

It’s pretty funny how this one Lex still retroactively lends credence to- and confirms- things that were reported last year during a period where shell-shocked DCU fans wanted to call everything remotely controversial “fake news/clickbait.”

As for whether the folks currently calling the shots now are as high on the LOD as the folks who initially pushed it? That remains to be seen. Remember, shortly after Justice League arrived, the WB overhauled the leadership structure over at DC Entertainment. So we’ll have to see if their LOD plans still proceed as originally intended, or if new DC honcho Walter Hamada has something else in mind.

Our first insight into that will come during this year’s SDCC panel in July, which was when they were going to continue to tease audiences about the sinister group’s presence in the DCU.

SOURCE: Simon Firsht


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