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CAPTAIN MARVEL Will Be A Unique Origin Story That Brings Back Some Familiar Faces, Says Feige


While Avengers: Infinity War is looking to be one of Marvel Studios’ most ambitious projects to date, its most interesting project may be Captain Marvel.

The film starring Brie Larson will be the franchise’s first female-led superhero film and Kevin Feige promises it will be one of the most unique origin stories the studio has put out.

Aside from Carol Danvers’ introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel will see the return of several characters from the MCU that have already been introduced in past films, including Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson and Lee Pace as Ronan. Feige said that the reason for the return of these characters wasn’t just to revisit them but because they naturally fit into the plot of the movie.

It was the backstory of those characters crossing over into Kree mythology, and Kree lore, that just made it made it work. And I always think it’s fun to see, most obviously with Fury in Captain Marvel, but also to a certain extent you’ll see with Ronan and Korath, characters the way they were before they became the icons that you have seen in other films. And it’s just fun to see people in different environments.

With the film taking place in the 1990’s, it already gave the creative heads at Marvel a reason to reintroduce these characters to audiences, but having them be more than glorified cameos will work to the movie’s advantage.

With the Captain Marvel movie set to be the character’s introduction before appearing in Avengers 4, Marvel is looking to make a big splash with the character’s first outing.

Captain Marvel is set for a March 8, 2019 release.

Sources: Variety/Cinema Blend


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