EL FANBOY: “What Superman Means To Me, And A Fantastic Chat With Filmmaker Nigel Bach!”


On this week’s episode of the El Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco dedicates an hour and change to his lifelong hero Superman, since this week marked the character’s 80th anniversary. He delves deep into why the Last Son of Krypton means so much to him, and walks you through key memories he has about/with the character.

Whether it’s the Christopher Reeve movies, the 80s action figures, Lois & Clark: The New Adventure of Superman, the Death of Superman comics, the dreadful Superman 64 video game, or his thoughts on Superman Returns and Man of Steel, MFR touches on everything about the character that’s impacted him during his 34 years on this earth.

He does so, as usual, in a deeply confessional, personal way. He points out the key memories he has of where he was in his life when he made certain discoveries about Superman, and how the character became a faithful friend to him.

Then he turns his attention to a filmmaker he thinks you’ll find very inspiring- especially if you’re an aspiring filmmaker, yourself. His name is Nigel Bach, and he’s created a trilogy of “found footage” horror-comedies that are performing beautifully on Amazon Prime Video, and MFR picks his brain about all aspects of that. Nigel has some wonderful insights to share, and his story is truly one that has to be told.

The films in question are Bad Ben, the prequel Steelmanville Road, and Badder Ben. But it’s not so much the films that are the heart of the conversation, but rather Bach;s gumption, determination, and the way he acted as a one-man-band, taking care of every aspect of these movies…beginning with “winging” the first one when his actors all bailed on him.

Truly, a riveting story and perspective from a man who decided after 30 years of writing and trying to fit into someone else’s idea of a screenwriter/filmmaker to just say, “Screw it. I’m gonna do this myself.”

You’ve got to hear him tell you his story.

The Nigel Bach portion of the episode begins at roughly the 1:12 mark.

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