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RTF Reader Gets Christopher McQuarrie To Address Directing A SUPERMAN Movie!


In recent weeks, Christopher McQuarrie has been on people’s minds for the director’s chair of an upcoming DC Universe movie. That’s thanks, in no small part, to a recent rumor which claimed that the Mission: Impossible- Fallout director was being considered for Green Lantern Corps.

While some were quick to shoot the rumor down, saying it was essentially old news because the two sides did meet about that possibility last fall, only for the talks to fall through, I’ve heard that McQuarrie is actually not fully out of the running yet. In fact, with recent murmurs I’ve heard that Warner Bros. is actively sending Green Lantern Corps treatments to prospective directors, I’m willing to bet he’s one of the directors that recently received a large envelope marked TOP SECRET from the studio recently.

Still, regardless of whether or not he ultimately takes the GLC job, one thing has become crystal clear since that report came out: DC fans want McQuarrie in the DCU.

I’ve heard it and seen it everywhere. Whether it’s people discussing what a clutch hire he’d be for GLC, or how he’d actually be a great fit for the next Superman movie starring Henry Cavill, people want to see what the talented writer and director would do with a DC Comics property.

A few minutes ago on twitter, Cisco Elizondo- an RTF reader, and a listener of our The Revengers and El Fanboy podcasts- alerted us to this interaction he had with McQuarrie on the social media platform:

That’s pretty nifty, eh? He’s asked if he’d consider directing the next Superman, and rather than ignoring the question or taking some sort of stance against it, he lets it be known that he’d be happy to discuss it with the studio.

Here’s hoping Warner Bros. takes note of this exchange, and that’s where YOU come in. Yes, you! See, this site is called Revenge of The FANSright? And you’re a fan, right?! So if you’d like to do your part in endorsing this idea, and letting the studio know that you want McQuarrie to enter the DCU, do your part by helping us make some noise around this idea. Share this article with your friends. Retweet the Tweet for this article, which contains a tag for the official Warner Bros Pictures twitter account.

Simply put, if you want this, shout about it!

Special thanks to Cisco for asking him this and sending it our way the moment he answered.

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