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HALLOWEEN: Dramatic Poster Reveals Up-Close Look At Michael’s Mask, And Blumhouse Debunks Title Rumor!


If you’re a Halloween fan, 2018 is going to be a year that leaves your skin sore from the amount of pinching yourself you’re going to be doing. As we’ve been covering extensively here on RTF for a while, the upcoming Halloween film from director David Gordon Green is fixing to be a pure dream scenario for fanatics of the 40 year old horror film series. Today, we’ve got two new tidbits to share with you!

For starters, here’s the first official poster for Halloween– which features a really gritty, minimalistic look at the man, the myth, the legend, Michael Myers:

This very worn-down look for the mask follows up recent reports that Michael would, indeed, be wearing a weathered replica of the mask he wore in the 1978 original. It feels very stark, dramatic, and downright creepy.

But what about the film’s title? After all, the movie looks to erase all of the sequels and the two films in Rob Zombie’s attempt to reboot the series, so what do you call a film that’s trying to position itself as the “real” Halloween 2?

A rumor just sprang up that it’d be called Halloween H40. This was based on the fact that in 1998, for the series’ 20th anniversary, they released a film called Halloween H20. Now that we’re looking at the 40th anniversary, someone got the bright idea that they’d revisit that idea and call this new one H40. Thankfully, Blumhouse’s VP of Film Development Ryan Turek shot that down right away:

Thank goodness!

As for what it should be called? I have an interesting suggestion. While I suppose it’d be fine to simply stick with Halloween (which seems to be what they’re doing, judging on that poster), I think it could create some confusion. That kind of makes it seem more like a remake, or another reboot of the property. So I’d like to suggest they take a page out of Sylvester Stallone’s book.

See, when he decided to return both of his Rocky and Rambo series to their roots after they had each sort of withered on the vine, he did so with films that eschewed numerical titles (Rocky VIRambo IV), and instead focused on the protagonist of each. He called those films, simply, Rocky Balboa and Rambo. That move quietly signaled to fans that he was stripping the series back down to what made them special in the first place, before things had gotten so bloated and overblown.

With that in mind, how about calling this next movie Michael? I like the minimalism of that. And I also think there’d be a subtle, hard-to-specify creepiness seeing posters that simply show the mask and just the name Michael.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m crazy. Tell me what you think. What would you title this next Halloween film?

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SOURCE: Blumhouse / Twitter


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