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RUMOR: DC’s BIRDS OF PREY To Be Very Harley Quinn And Batgirl Centric


Aquaman is happening for DC later this year, Shazam! is filming now, and Wonder Woman 2 is a sure thing. Outside of that, the DC Movie slate is up in the air. There have been projects announced, but no movement was made on them. Now, though, that has changed.

It was announced earlier this week that Cathy Yen will helm a Birds of Prey movie for DC. There is no script yet, because two different ones are being written, and the best will be chosen. Variety’s Justin Kroll took to Twitter to lay out exactly what those scripts have in common.

Birds of Prey is an all-female team, with characters like Poison Ivy, and Catwoman known to be a part of it. It is a rotating door, much like the Suicide Squad and The Justice League can be. It makes sense that Harley Quinn would be featured it both – she’s the only established main female character that they have besides Wonder Woman. Margot Robbie, who portrays Harley, was a scene-stealer in Suicide Squad, to anchor another movie around her is a smart move.

As far as Batgirl goes, her solo adventure fizzled out when Joss Whedon forgot what comic books were, and couldn’t think of a story. It is still happening though, but it could pay off to see her character here first.

Kroll added one more piece of information we’ll include here, because it still involves Harley Quinn. Earlier today we reported that Birds of Prey has pushed Suicide Squad 2 down a bit, but it sounds like it won’t be by much. It sounds like Robbie will be keeping that Harley makeup for a long time because Kroll says its possible that Suicide Squad 2 will shoot immediately after Birds of Prey.

There have been no official announcements on any of this, but its nice that the new regime overseeing the DC films, seem to have a game plan.

Which characters would you like to see fill out the rest of the roster?

SOURCE: Variety


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