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The Russo Brothers Tease A Much Different Phase 4 For The MCU


Avengers: Infinity War will be here before you know it. It will also change the MCU as you know it. Things will never be the same (especially if our tin-foil-hat-wearing editor-in-chief is onto something), and going forward, that will be reflected on screen once Phase 4 gets going.

When Yahoo UK talked with the Russo Brothers – who directed this film and Avengers 4, Anthony said the difference between Phase 3 (which comes to an end with Infinity War) and Phase 4, will be “pretty drastic.” Joe added to that remark:

“I think massively different. I think that this is if Marvel has been writing a book for ten years, it’s the end of the book and someone is going to write a new book. Who knows what that new book will be but this is an ending and that’ll be a new beginning.”

Well, they know a little bit, as they are authors in part of that new book. Phase 1 (Pre-Avengers), Phase 2 (Iron Man 3 – Ant-Man) and Phase 3 (Captain America: Civil War – Avengers: Infinity War) have all had different feels, but they still always felt like the next natural step in the evolution of this universe. The Russos’ comments make it sound like this will be a more severe departure than we are used to. The book analogy is a good one.

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Everyone has a favorite character in the MCU, and it is entirely possible that this is the last time you will see your favorite MCU character on the big screen. There will be big permanent changes here. Don’t expect someone who died to get their death erased in an ABC TV show afterward. If you have invested a decade of your life to this universe, the pay off comes April 27th, for better or for worse.

Go see this movie as soon as you can to avoid spoilers. Bring tissues with you, for whatever bodily fluids will leak out of you during the course of the adventure, and brace yourselves for what it’ll all mean for Phase 4.

Avengers: Infinity War drops April 27, 2018 for the entire planet, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Source: Yahoo UK


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