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Forget The ‘Arrowverse,’ BLACK LIGHTNING Star Discusses The Show Sparking A ‘Lightningverse’


When Black Lightning was originally developed it was supposed to air on Fox. When it ended up shifting to The CW, everyone naturally assumed it would be part of the already established superhero universe that was being built there. After all, that is what happened with Supergirl. The first season aired on CBS and when the show moved to The CW starting with season 2, it was officially part of what is deemed as “The Arrowverse”, but still sort of separate since Supergirl and her friends are on a different Earth than The Flash, the Green Arrow, and the Legends.

But Salim Akil, the creator of the show has other ideas. Cress Williams – the titular star of the show, talked about those ideas to Innovation & Tech Today:

I think the producer/creator of the show, Salim [Akil], has been pretty clear that we’re not really a part of the Arrowverse. I know everybody wants us to be, and I still see tweets going, “Another Arrow-verse show.” But we’re not part of it. I think he’s even talked about, it would be really great to create a new universe. I think he coined it the “Lightningverse.” Because I know a lot of people have been screaming about — not screaming — but chiming in that they would love to see Static Shock. With my daughters, you can tell in the early episodes that they’re going to develop powers. It almost lends itself to other heroes and creating another ‘verse that would, if it’s rooted in Black Lightning, then all the other shows in the ‘verse would be socially conscious and kind of rooted in more real life.

Okay, first off, I would love a live action Static Shock. But I would also love if that live action Static Shock could interact with The Flash and Green Arrow. It is true what Williams says though, it is grouped in the Arrowverse by default, just because it is on the same network. It doesn’t help that there are promos with all of them together too:

Heck, even when I do my reviews, I put all the shows in one post under the “Arrowverse” banner. It could definitely fit, but Williams doesn’t agree.

“Personally, I don’t think it would really translate. If we tried to fit ourselves into the Arrowverse, we’d have to completely change the style of our show. If the Arrowverse tries to fit into ours, it’s also changing the style of their show. They’re very different.”

I love Black Lightning. It is a strong show, and Williams is right in that it has a different feel than the others. But there is no reason that it couldn’t be on one of the 52 other known Earths established in the Arrowverse. The only time the tone would need to match is during the big crossover even once a year. Other than that it can handle its business here, while Arrow handles its business over there. Black Lightning could still very much keep its unique tone and identity (and they should – it makes the show great).

Hopefully when plans are made for the crossover next year, they are considered to be included. I would rather see inclusion, than segregation. There is no reason they all can’t be on screen together for one episode.

Source: Innovation & Tech Today


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