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THE INCREDIBLES 2 to Introduce Several New Heroes


The first Incredibles film introduced audiences to a world filled with superheroes and now its sequel is looking to add more heroes into the mix.

Speaking with CinemaBlendIncredibles 2 director Brad Bird said that, in addition to the Parr family and Samuel L. Jackson’s Frozone, the film will introduce another team of superheroes: The Wannabes.

The Wannabes is basically the idea that a lot of heroes, a lot of the top tier heroes, were killed off in the first movie. And people don’t really totally remember it because it was done off screen. We didn’t see them die. There is body count in the first movie, but it’s kind of more in the story than it is graphically represented. So some people remember it, and some people don’t, but the ideas that a lot of them are gone, and that they’ve been illegal for 15 years.

So, anyone that has superpowers that hasn’t really become a superhero had been hiding that whole time. And when these guys get sort of a sponsorship from [Winston and Evelyn] Deavor… any philanthropic sort of enterprise, they get encouragement. They start to feel like, ‘Society may be ready for me to be who I am!’ And so they start coming out of the woodwork. And they’re not all ‘central casting’ superheroes. They’re kind of the B team. But it doesn’t mean they’re not effective. And they could maybe be the A-team someday if they maybe get a little more experience.

CinemaBlend also got their hands on some concept art of The Wannabes.

The Wannabes

In the film, the Deavors will work with the Parr family and Frozone to try to get superheroes back on the good side of the public and the Wannabes look like they’re going to be part of that plan.

We’ll see what this new cast of heroes will add to the proceedings when The Incredibles 2 is released.

The Incredibles 2 makes its way to theaters on June 15.

Source: CinemaBlend


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