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The progress on DC’s Aquaman took an interesting turn yesterday.

Director James Wan revealed on Twitter that The Interview and Veep star Randall Park has joined the cast as Dr. Stephen Shin. The film is currently undergoing some additional photography.

In the comics, Dr. Shin is a marine biologist who helps young Arthur Curry to control his powers and is a surface dweller who knows the most about Atlantis. Shin is also a friend of Arthur’s father, Thomas, played by Temuera Morrison.

The addition of Park has gotten some fans nervous over the fact that Wan is adding a new character late in the process. There could be one of several reasons why Park is doing his scenes now.

One is that Wan may have needed another character to give some additional backstory regarding how Arthur is able to control his powers or to give the audience a bit more information on Atlantis itself. Another reason could be that Park had already be set to be involved in the production, but he wasn’t available to do his scenes as Park was also involved in Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp at the same time Aquaman was filming.

Regardless, things seem to be progressing smoothly for Aquaman and the addition of Park as Dr. Shin looks to be a planned part of the process.

Aquaman his theaters on December 21.

Source: James Wan



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