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Screenwriter Jeff Wadlow Reveals Why His MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Script Wasn’t Used


Jeff Wadlow has new horror movie out called Truth or Dare. While promoting it, he talked about other projects he was involved with, like X-Force back in 2013. Another movie he was tasked with writing was a take on Masters of the Universe. He tells Collider:

“I had a really irreverent take on Masters of the Universe, and the studio, at the time, was very focused on a Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings take. I love He-Man. I still have all my original figures from the ‘80s. That’s how I got the job. I brought them in and put them on the table and was like, ‘This is why I’m a director!’ I wrote a scene where Prince Adam meets Ram Man and says to him, ‘So, they call you Ram Man, huh?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah.’ And he goes, ‘Do you like that name?’ And Ram Man goes, ‘I’m owning it.’ So, there was an irreverence to it, but at the time, that just didn’t gel with what they wanted to do.”

Reading that now, it doesn’t seem like a direction that’s farfetched or crazy for a Masters of The Universe movie. That is what Wadlow reiterated, that something like that would probably be accepted by executives now.

“It’s interesting now, with Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy. I think that’s sort of what I was trying to do, but either I was too early or they just never saw it that way. That’s the weird thing about making movies in the studio system. You can have a take and a real point of view, but if it doesn’t line up with the point of view of the people who are writing the checks, it doesn’t matter. That’s why working with Jason [Blum] has been so fantastic. He’s changing the way that movies are made. He’s basically saying, ‘As long as we keep the budget down, it doesn’t matter what I think. I want you to do what you think is best.’”

A Masters of the Universe remake is inevitable. It is stuck in limbo now with David S. Goyer recently vacating the director’s chair, but who knows, maybe Sony will circle back around and consider Wadlow’s script again, since it seems to have a tone people have responded to.

Are you a Masters of the Universe fan? Would the tone teased by Wadlow something you would want to see?

Source: Collider


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