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Kevin Smith Invites Stan Lee to Live With Him Amidst Claims of Him Being Abused


Kevin Smith has a big heart. When it isn’t trying to kill him from a massive heart attack, it is always empathetic to the world around him. While he continues to hear the same rumors about Stan Lee that we all do, Smith took to Twitter to publicly offer Lee a new situation for him.

Smith and Lee have been friends for a long time, ever since Lee appeared in what would become the first of many cameos in Mallrats.

The article that Smith quotes is from The Hollywood Reporter. It lays out the situation pretty well, with everything from claims of elder abuse to how he has been taken advantage of after his wife Joanie died.

There is a lot surrounding this. There is even a crazy story about Lee’s blood being stolen and used in a Black Panther comic book, which the THR article also touches on.

The Saga of Stan Lee evolves everyday, and fans are watching helplessly. Lee’s circle is so tight that no one – not Disney, Marvel or Kevin Smith can even crack through it to try to help a man who is loved by millions.

Something similar happened to Richard Simmons a few years ago – he disappeared from the spotlight and hasn’t really been seen since. His situation was rumored to be surrounded with abuse from his housekeeper, but no one can get to him to really find out. Official reports that have come out to say he’s fine. But it is strange, and parts of it remain a mystery.

This quote from the THR article sums it up quite succinctly:

Herman, the former business manager, offers a grim analysis: “I’m on the verge of tears,” he says, “because it breaks my heart to see somebody that I love being effectively held prisoner. He finds himself in need of a superhero himself.”

Kevin Smith has had nothing but wonderful things to say about the Comic maven. They have had a long friendship, and Lee would always playfully remind Smith that Mallrats was the least successful film that Lee had ever appeared in. You can watch the fun Smith directed scene below, in which Stan Lee offers a little love advice to Brody (Jason Lee) . The clip is NSFW for language, as is most of Smith’s work.

We here at Revenge of the Fans hope this Stan Lee debacle ends on a positive note. I hope Smith can get him out of there, and I know Smith and his family would welcome him with open arms if they could.

Excelsior, Stan Lee! There are a ton of people willing to help you and we are rooting for you, sir. Thank you for everything you have contributed to pop culture!


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