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LUKE CAGE’s Mike Colter and Cheo Hodari Coker Address HEROES FOR HIRE Rumors


Did you watch Luke Cage? I did. Did you like Luke Cage? I did, for the most part.

Did you watch Iron Fist? I did. Did you like Iron Fist? I did not, for the most part.

But I watched it out of a sense of duty to get to The Defenders only to be somewhat disappointed that they leaned on a lot of what didn’t work with Iron Fist. In The Defenders, a friendship formed between Danny Rand and Luke Cage. A friendship, as people who read the comics know, leads to a team up called Heroes For Hire. Could their friendship – which will continue in Luke Cage Season 2 – lead to a Heroes For Hire Netflix Series? Cheo Hodari Coker, the showrunner of Luke Cage talked to Empire’s Pilot TV and said the following:

“It’s something that’s in the air. Internally at Marvel Television, everybody knows there’s a part of that combination that is inevitable, particularly when you watch them together in the way that we did it. If feels right. It feels good. It feels like, ‘I want to see more of this combination. Heroes for Hire is really not off the table.'”

That definitely makes it seem like a live-action Heroes For Hire could happen. To add to that, Luke Cage star Mike Colter seems up for working with Finn Jones again.

“Me and Finn get along rather well, we’re pretty cool. I think our characters play well off each other.”

This seems like a natural step in the evolution of the Marvel corner of Netflix. But the reception to Iron Fist Season 1 was lukewarm at best. A second season is already confirmed, but it might be better if Danny Rand acts like the Hulk of this franchise – show up in supporting roles in other stories. Whether that is another season of The Defenders, or it is Heroes For Hire remains to be seen.

The right people seem to be interested, and since Netflix has all the money in the world, it wouldn’t be a stretch for them to fund it. It is just a matter of whether they can find the right story, which is sometimes the hardest thing to overcome.



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