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DC Bochinche: What’s Going On With THE FLASH Movie? Is It Going To Tell The FLASHPOINT Story, Or Not?


A few weeks ago, I noted on the El Fanboy Podcast that things were somewhat fluid on the upcoming Flashpoint movie. I pointed out that I was hearing from insiders that the film may not be Flashpoint after all, and that there seem to be internal discussions about whether or not it should be more of a standalone Barry Allen story, or a crossover event movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, we seem to be getting some clarity now on how those Flash discussions went.

THR has “revealed” that the film will no longer be called Flashpoint. But just as people started running stories that the film would no longer touch on the beloved Flashpoint storyline, the writer of the report, Borys Kit, took to twitter to clarify something:

Kit appears to be implying that the Flashpoint story arc may still be a part of the film’s plot, and that this could just be a simple title change. So the verdict is still out on whether or not the solo The Flash movie will be a true solo adventure or an adaptation of Flashpoint.

In the past, new Flash directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have said that what drew them to the project was Barry Allen himself:

Goldstein: “[…] We read a number of the scripts, and that was one—we’re huge fans of the character, I collected the comic books as a kid. It was an exciting possibility.

Daley: “Just the fact that the character is unique from other superheroes in that he doesn’t completely have his shit together like Superman does. It’s more of a ground-level superhero.

Goldstein: “It’s a relatable way in to a superhero movie in some of the same ways that Peter Parker was for the Marvel side of things.

It really sounds to me like they’d rather tell a story that focuses on Barry (Ezra Miller), and his trials and tribulations as he grows into his role as the Scarlet Speedster. I think that was the central issue when they were ironing out their deal with WB/DC, and maybe the two sides met somewhere in the middle.

I have a feeling it’s going to be solo movie that, perhaps, plants the seeds for a future Flashpoint event. Or maybe it distills the book down to the idea of Barry wanting to tinker with time when he discovers that he has the ability to save his mother.

Regardless, I would no longer expect a full-on adaptation of the Flashpoint story arc. Sorry Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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It sounds like the last few weeks have been productive for Walter Hamada and DC Entertainment. They had meetings with Goldstein and Daley about Flashpoint and walked away with a solid direction for the project, and I’m also hearing “There’s news to share” when it comes to The Batman. As I wrote yesterday, Matt Reeves seems happy with the way his recent discussions with the studio went, and I’m hearing a definitive decision regarding the future of the Dark Knight has been made. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how and when they want to share that news.

Can’t wait to see how it all shakes out, and- no matter what- it’s cool to see Hamada and DC being very proactive in getting on the same page with their directors long before cameras roll. That’s the key to the future of the DCU, and they’re definitely on the case.

SOURCE: THR / Collider


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