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April Rumors Bring May Tumors: Woody Harrelson Rumored to Play Carnage in VENOM?


So, I’ve seen this story floating around the past few days. I was initially excited. I tracked down the source, to read the original story. BleedingCool had it. I felt better, they are a pretty reputable source. Then I saw when it was posted.

(Last Updated April 1, 2018 12:45 pm )

My heart sank. A cruel April Fools joke, posted on Easter Sunday no less. Oh well. I even tweeted my excitement, only to delete it after I noticed the date, and then commented on how I was tricked.

But this story, more than any other that day, caught steam. Other reputable outlets started reporting it as well. So we will too. But just take it with truck beds full of salt, please.

Did you know there is a Venom movie coming? If you did see the trailer, you still might not know. If you removed the title cards from the trailer, it gives you no sense of what it is. But Tom Hardy plays the titular character, and filming has wrapped. It was always rumored that Carnage would be a villain in the film. That makes sense, super-hero movies like parallels as villains. As to who is playing him – some thought Riz Ahmed is, who is spotted in the trailer. But now, according to rumors, it could be none other than Woody Harrelson.

It is certainly inspired casting, if true. Casting someone like that means they are setting up for the future too. Some of Harrelson’s best acting has come this decade, and it would definitely add an excitement for Venom that I have not had yet. Even the character’s creator, David Michelinie, thinks it would be fun to see Harrelson portray Carnage. He replied to Matt Adler on Facebook about it:

“Huh. This screamed “April Fool!” at first, but I checked two listings on IMDB–for the Venom movie and Harrelson’s own page–and they both list him as being in the flick. And I don’t think IMDB is into practical jokes. Harrelson’s a good actor, and has a decent range. He’s played nutso characters in the past, but I guess we’ll have to wait until October to see just how far he can ramp it up. Fingers crossed.”

The thing is, IMDb is easily editable, sort of like Wikipedia. It wouldn’t be there as a joke, but could be from someone who believes the story. On the other hand, Michelinie could be right and it is legitimate. Someone officially associated with the production could have added that.

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We’ll have to wait and see how this pans out, but the biggest red flag to me is dropping it not only on April 1st, but an April 1st that was also a holiday weekend. I’d be happy to eat my words though, because I’d love for this to happen.

In case you missed it, you can watch the Venom trailer below. The movie hits theaters everywhere on October 5th.


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