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Ron Howard: SOLO Is ‘Ahead of Schedule,’ And A New Trailer Is Coming Soon


The Last Jedi is still fresh in the Cinesphere (is that a thing? If not, copyright Revenge of the Fans, 2018). People are still dissecting the special features off of the blu-ray. But that doesn’t matter – in less than 2 months we are getting another Star Wars movie, this time about everyone’s favorite smuggler.

Solo: A Star Wars Story has been fraught with behind the scenes drama. So will the film actually be ready for its May 25th release date? Well, if you follow Ron Howard on Twitter, you will know that not only are things going well, but they are actually ahead of schedule in getting the movie done.

Any time you can get to something ahead of schedule – especially in the movie industry – that is a very good thing. The final sound mix is one of the last things that need completed before a movie is “locked” and completed. That means the Solo that we will come to know, (and maybe love) is almost here. To give even more evidence, Howard told a fan that the final edit is complete as well as the score.

That is all well and good, but if the movie is done, then the next natural question is whether or not we are getting another trailer. Howard has an answer to that too, and it is pretty cut and dry:

There you have it. The edit is done, the score is done, the final sound mix is almost done, and a new trailer is on its way. It looks like Howard took what could have been a disaster and turned it into something workable for Lucasfilm. We shall see how that pays off when Solo: A Star Wars Story comes to theaters everywhere, May 25th – the 41st Anniversary of Star Wars.

Are your expectations tempered for this one, or are you just as excited as in years past?

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