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Test Footage of DEADPOOL Animated Series Makes Its Way Online


Following the weekend’s disappointing news of FX pulling the plug on the the Deadpool animated series, test footage of the cancelled Donald Glover project has found its way on to the internet.

The footage, using a mix of rough animation and storyboards, shows the wacky and over-the-top nature that the character is known for. The footage also uses sound clips of Ryan Reynolds from the first Deadpool film.


For many, this situation may sound a little familiar. In 2014, test footage that was being used as a pitch for the Deadpool movie leaked out. The online reaction to the footage helped push Fox to develop the film, which became a major success for the studio.

Whether or not today’s tv series test footage leak has near the effect that the film test footage leak had remains to be seen. It’s unfortunate we may never see the Deadpool  animated series, but, as the Merc With the Mouth’s journey to the big screen taught us, never say never.

Sources: Vimeo/Facebook


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